Nuugi Unite

Nuugi Unite is a nonprofit organization working to improve the world of animals. RESPECT, LOVE and AFFECTION is what drives our Foundation to fight every day for them.

Nuugi Unite raises funds to support one or more causes animals which demonstrate effectiveness in solving problems such as:

Dogs and cats on the streets
Promoting adoption and sterilization
Disease Control



This is what we believe.

We believe in adoption…

Because when you adopt a dog, you save two lives liberating the place to rescue a dog that lives on the street and at the same time you’ll be saving the one you take to home.

Because we know perfectly dog temperaments, people who work in  dog shelters can help us choose the perfect dog according to personality, lifestyle and living.

Because they are dogs that have been done a medical check, they have got vaccines and deworming updated, usually are sterilized and in the event of a disease, will not hesitate to inform and decide whether you can give it the attention it needs .

For an adult dog can be adopted and ready for a new home without any problems, just need love and care.

We believe in sterilization…

Because canine overpopulation has become a serious problem that affects thousands of dogs daily.

Because there are no medical disadvantages with sterilization. On the contrary, there are several advantages including:

We avoid unwanted reproduction.
In males decreased urine marking, aggressive temperament and risk of escape in search of a female.
In females reduces the risk of mammary cancer, pyometra (uterine infection), cysts and tumors in uterus and ovaries.
In males prevents testicular tumors, prostate, and perianal.
Females also eliminates the risk of presenting pseudogestation
So reflect and put in the balance the pros and cons of reproducing our pets, we have to be responsible because we owe  them all what they have given us.


“Nuugi Unite does not monitor any complaints, only help to inform the next steps and where to make a complaint ”

What is abuse or animal cruelty?

Situations that can be reported:

Animals dirty with flea or tick infestations
Dogs with wounds in the body (in any case)
Animals extremely thin or very hungry
Animals with lesions, lameness, or bedridden unable to move freely.
Anyone hitting or physically abusing an animal
Animals who are repeatedly left without water and food, and often chained in a courtyard, roof or on the street.
Animals that have been crushed or abducted and who have not received veterinary care.
Animals who cower in fear or act aggressively when any person or especially owners approach him.
If you’ve seen one or more of these cases, it is time to report!

5242 5100 Ext: 8821 y 8812

Centro de Atención del Secretario de Seguridad Pública D.F.

5208 9898
cassp@ssp.df.gob.mx mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Gente por la Defensa Animal is a civil association that seeks to resolve through legal cases of cruelty to domestic animals, wildlife and the public consumer reports.


In AMEDEA page you can find a legal advice section, where you can download a format that provides guidance for written complaints.

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