7 myths about your pet

There are many myths about pets. Some have some truth and other
are inventions of people. It is important to know which are real and
which are beliefs, just because some may even endanger life
your best friend.

1. If you carry a dog’s neck skin and it weeps is Creole, if not, is fine.

There is no explanation for this, simply not true. A crybaby puppy
is just a crybaby puppy.

2. If you are pregnant get rid of your cat because you could abort!

Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease that has a life cycle
complex. Your cats are definitive hosts, and if a pregnant woman
spreads itself can get an abortion. However, for that to happen, is
necessary that the cat is infected, to remove oocysts by fecal and
being  ingested by the person (in contaminated water, meat,                                                                                                                                                poor hygiene when cleaning the litter box, etc..). So if you’re
pregnant and have a kitten, no reason to get rid of. Simply
wear gloves to clean the box and wash your hands well, or someone else in your
home could make the ​​cleaning, cook the meat you are going to consume and
be sure to drink water.

3. Coughing in dogs is cured with a string of lemons.

The cough in dogs can be caused by several agents, including viruses,
parasites, bacteria, heart disease, congenital problems, etc.. a
lemons necklace could eventually help clear the airways, but it isn’t
definitive cure. You must first diagnose the causative agent of cough and
immediately medicate with proper treatment, which is very different from
According to aetiology.

4. Curing Mange with burned car oil.

Scabies is a disease caused by an external parasite called
mite. There are several types of mange in dogs and not all infected
the human. If your dog or cat gets to have skin lesions, no matter what
severe they are, does not necessarily have mange (there are many causes
possible, such as food allergies, allergies to external agents, allergies
a flea bites, fungi, metabolic diseases, etc.), so
must make a diagnosis. Once it is reached, if the
puppy or kitten has mange, you should receive appropriate treatment
depends on your age, the type of mange this, and even race.

5. If my dog ​​does not have babies, it gets cancer.

This is not true, in fact, once they had their first heat, the risk of
tumors present at some point in their lives exist regardless of whether there was or
no puppies. To reduce the risk of cancer, should be sterilized
before their first heat. If sterilized the risk still exist, and is high,
but eliminate the possibility of presenting pyometra (uterine infection).

6. Dogs eat bones.

Puppies should not eat bones, especially chicken bones
or rabbit. If your dog has eaten them and nothing wrong has happened, what
blessing! Bones can get hurt, clog or drill
gastrointestinal tract, risking the lives of our animals.
If your dog likes to eat bones, give bait bones or bones
large properly prepared for consumption and not going to
generate any harm.

7. Garlic and onions kill parasites

Garlic and onions not only kill parasites but can be toxic
for your dog or cat, because one of the components of these foods.
Its use in our pets can cause anemia
hemolytic (destruction of red blood cells).

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