Adequate food for cats

By being strict carnivores, the energy needs of cats have been modified to a very specialized diet, so they tend to be more demanding in terms of power which is influenced by eating habits in their first months of life.

Adequate food:

Food needs are regulated by the appropriate amount of food in the appropriate time and quality required for each stage of development.

The supply frequency is derived according to the palatability of food (smell, taste and texture), if it is very palatable, can eat between 10-20 light meals throughout the day, unlike the case of food not as palatable, 2-4 large meals in a day.

Theyr prefer mainly water cold and moving, like water taps, fonts, etc..

Remember that “NUTRITIONAL NEEDS VARY FROM ANOTHER CAT” by what is required to monitor the physical condition of your kitty controlling weight and adjust as necessary their food in quantity and quality, always leaning to Your Doctor Veterinary, as always your source of information regarding the health of your pet.

Change of food?

When switching food is recommended to do so gradually over a period of 7 days (always low to high)

Are awards allowed for Cats?

Yes they are allowed if they are right foods and only occasionally. Another way is to change occasionally the taste of her dry food (kibble) and combining with sachets or cans for cats, which will result in an innovative and delicious taste.

Awards excess can lead to weight gain and nutritional imbalance. Remember to always take care of their diet quality.

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Alimento para gatos

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