Veterinary Clinic in Santa Fe

Always worried for the wellfare of pets, we offer them the best medical care. We have veterinary specialists and vanguard equipment.


Veterinary Clinic Facilities

Our facilities are from first level; they are clean, desinfected and especially designed to bring medical care of high quality. They are equiped with the best technological tools  in order to get accurate diagnoses. All this in a highly professional and excellent human treatment so that pets and their owners could feel  absolute confidence.

Can´t bring your pet? We will pick it and and take you back to your door!

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Veterinary Services

Here you will find information related with the services that Nuugi offers to your pet.

• Check-Up

Checkup packages that includes several studies that allow us to realize the health of the pet.

• General  consultations

• Clinical Laboratory

Hematic biometrics, blood chemistry, electrolytes and urinalysis equipment.

• Ultrasound

Pregnancy diagnosis, abdominal ultrasound, thyroid, eye and heart.

X Ray equipment

Portable and digital, to detect any anomaly.

• Surgery

Sterilization (castration and ovariohisterectomías).

• Anesthesia

We fixed and inhaled anesthesia administered with responsibility and care by our specialists.


Special packages

Special Packages for Pets Check Up

Know the packages we have created specially  for the care of health of your pet.


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