Consuelo Duval and Nuugi, a sign of love to animals

Consuelo Duval, actress and singer, let show her big heart and love for animals when she decided to rescue six puppies that were sick and neglected in a popular pet store in Mexico City.

It was through a tweet where she began to express her anger against the poor conditions in which she found the dogs and asked for help to all her social network followers.

Fortunately for our four-legged friends, Nuugi heeded the call for help from Consuelo Duval, to immediately transfer the six dogs to the veterinary clinic and thus receive the necessary care and recovery could ensure Wow!


Twitter Consuelo Duval

Currently those lucky dogs are healthy again and they ca leave behind the bad experience. Today they have found a new home and have been adopted by individuals who will give them lots of love.

It was a Tuesday in 13 when the good fortune smiled on the lives of these six dogs, all thanks to the good heart of Consuelo Duval and care offered by medical experts Nuugi. Congratulations!


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