Homeless Dog Day!

The International Organization for Animal Rights (ISAR) held every third Saturday of August the “International Day of Homeless Animals”, in order to promote new campaigns for solving the pet overpopulation in road condition.

In order to locate international efforts towards the care of street dogs and Mutts, Nuugi promotes the celebration of “Homeless Dog Day (Mexico)” to start a good habit among animal lovers and do awareness of  benefits everyone gets of having more control with our four-legged friends without a home.
This August 17th we celebrate the “Homeless Dog Day in Mexico”.

What do we look?
– Start a good habit.
– To promote the rescue and care of homeless dog.
– Educate their urban coexistence with humans.
– No rejection to Mutts and homeless dogs.
– Promote the adoption.
– Provide advocacy for shelter dogs.
– Create greater community benefit of Creoles and homeless dogs.

The overpopulation of companion dogs and it’s abandonment are the main cause of overcrowding of quadrupeds in the streets, shelters and hostels.

How can we help?

– Creating days of adoption.
– Promoting vaccination and veterinary clinic campaigns.
– Sterilization campaigns.
– Caring for homeless dogs in our colony.
– Educate about the benefits of adopting instead of buying.
– Regular breeding and selling farms and shops.
– Sanctions to those who abuse them.
– Forcing the use of plates with identification and data owners.

How to celebrate the “Homeless Dog Day”?
We call on all Nuugi community to join in the celebration of the “Homeless Dog Day in Mexico”. We invite you to participate throughout Saturday August 17 in social networks as follows:
– Pass the word and invite your friends to celebrate this day.
– Share photos of your rescued dog and tell us your story.
– Have you seen them? Share pictures of your colony bred dogs that are homeless.
– Make proposals! Share with us your ideas to help our friends.
– Invite hostels in your neighborhood to share information on our networks.
– Use the hashtag # DíaDelPerroSinHogar in your posts.

It’s time to help the beings who are willing to give all their love in return for a home and for situations beyond their control suffer abandonment and rejection. Together we can change the world Wow!

Día del Perro sin Hogar

Día del Perro sin Hogar

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