Nuugi Horoscope!

Miaow! Gato MacarioI am the cat Macario, feline mystical lord and master
of the riddle. From my crystal ball I see the future of
Dogs, cats and other pets. So I use my huge
gifts of clairvoyance to form a better future for both
owners and their faithful friends.
Come to my section and Read their fortune to your beloved friends
Marra miaow! Remember that this is not the
Chinese horoscope, if they wish to consult, ask my
Friend the Rat Ho Huan Tse.

If you are under the house of Leo, you are a dog or a cat very
playful and cheerful. Remember, this feature connects you more with
your own, but you must learn to behave and not make as many
mischief. Yes! You know what I mean, the stars
revealed what you did, that’s a shame!


Stop digging, you must learn to relax a little. If you
are very nervous, approach your landlord to give you all the love
you need, remember that better times lie ahead and better bones (in
my case, I see a can of cat food in my crystal ball).


If you were born under the constellation of Libra, you should take this opportunity
to make the best of your charisma and charm, you will win many hearts
if you take advantage your sociable personality. I would be more sociable with
mice but  they run whenever I smile, why is that?


If you have dogs or cats brothers, share your toys with them.
Learn not to be so possessive of items, you should purchase your own.
Cats of this constellation should be more active since have have been
very passive lately, I am not of this sign but I recognize that I need


This is the perfect month to go do outdoor exercise, tell your master to take you
more often for a walk to parks, forests and special areas for dogs.
If you are a cat, you can not be left behind. Out to the balcony, to the terrace
or sunbathing patio. Remind your master you should get your vaccinations
and be operated for not having abandoned puppies.


Leave shyness and make friends, this month you will have opportunities to meet
more four-legged companions and also will make it easier to relate
with them. Remember, the tail moves and make eyes of goat even if you are a


Your charm will make your owner and you reaffirm the great friendship
and companionship you already had. Play with him more often, and if you see that it dont
want to do, use your charisma to encourage him.


Eat healthily, remind your owner should buy quality food
and don’t give you his food. Get plenty of exercise and stop stealing
food from the kitchen. What food? Do not be a liar, I saw it in the stars,
They do not lie!


Your excess energy make you chasing your tail more than necessary. Ask
your two-legged friend to take you out more often, and if you’re a cat under
this astral sign, ask him to get toys to entertain, as my
plastic mouse, I love it!


Your Dog’s patience will be reflected in these days, might come one
new family member. Cats of this sign should stay very
relaxed in this period because of the new challenges that will come later. Speaking
of challenges, it is time that you ask my human friend to change my sandbox.


In this month the stars make dogs and cats that are
under the guard of Gemini will live and become more intrepid  and adventuroes. This
good for you to do exercise, but remind your master who should take the
precautions as always, be on a leash and keep up with your


Do you feel that you are howling to often at the moon? Do not worry, this month
things have not gone as you expected, but remember that you
have a human who loves you very much, great moments approaches!

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