Entrevista a Nuugi con Pamela Cerdeira y Jessie Cervantes

Today we had the opportunity to visit the facilities of MVS Radio for conducting an interview on “Buenos Días Show”  hosted by Pamela Cerdeira and Jessie Cervantes at 102.5 FM frequency.

Felipe Fadón, Nuugi CEO, was on hand to represent the entire Nuugi Resort team work and the animals that are enjoying their services.

During the interview he told us the story of how Nuugi started, which begins in 2008 with the creation of the community of Nuugi on Facebook, made ​​especially to have a space for communication and interaction among all the users who love animals company. Since its inception, the community has gained wide acceptance among people and has slowly been improving and growing into what it is today, the leading community in Mexico about animal’s world.

The CEO of the company said that success has derived through outstanding service to the community and the close relationship with its users. That’s why Nuugi decided to push the boundaries of digiltal to launch the proposed creation of a Hotel Resort that specializes in providing quality services to our pets.

Felipe Fadón emphasized the importance that is taking the love and care to animals in society and how this is reflected in the implementation of places “Pet Friendly” throughout the city.

During the interview he said, because of  much of the online community is made ​​up of women, Nuugi implemented an alliance with jewelry designer Tanya Moss to launch an exclusive collection of bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants Nuugy by Tanya Moss , so that pets can be stylish with their owners.

He said Nuugi always seeks to maintain growth, so soon will open a new Resort in the city of Puebla, thus reinforcing the Mexican community commitment to provide quality service to pets and encourage care and respect.

Pamela Cerdeira and Jessie Cervantes were very interested in the project and noted acceptance and support for the work to raise awareness and educate people to promote animal care.

Nuggi thaks the opportinity received in this media and invites all users of the community to continue to show love for our four-legged friends. We will continue working!


Felipe Fadón con Pamela Cerde y Jessie Cervantes

Felipe Fadón con Pamela Cerdeira y Jessie Cervantes

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