Nuugi Shampoo

Shampoo for Dogs

Your dog will love bath time with our variety of Nuugi Shampoos.

– If he plays or runs in the field and tallgrass, protect him with our Nuugi Flea Shampoo with  bactericidal effect.

– Make your pet bath a unique experience with our Nuugi Soft Oatmeal with Almonds Shampoo, recommended for sensitive skins and with allergy problems.

–  Ouch! If you fight de comb with your dog´s hair, we recommend our Nuugi Shampoo-Conditioner 2 in 1 fewer hair knots.

–  Would you like to take a relaxing bath? Your dog too! Pamper him with our Nuugi Relaxing Lavender Shampoo, ideal for nervous dogs at bath time.


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