Our mission

Our mission is to improve the world of pets, offering excellence services and lifestyle, and  promoting responsible pet ownership.

We seek to be the leaders in pet care area, distinguished for providing a high quality services, so that we have a positive contribution to society by acting as a socially responsible company and committed to animal welfare.

We rely on values ​​like love for pets, the passion for our work, Responsibility, Social Commitment, Integrity and Honesty.

Pet Friendly certification

With the aim of promoting responsible pet ownership Nuugi has created a unique program in Mexico, Pet Friendly Certification.


The certification is an assessment of the facilities or space to be certified as: parks, condominiums, restaurants and hotels. Once the evaluation is done,  Nuugi makes a series of recommendations to be carried out to convert the space into a pet-friendly place. The recommendations could range from process design for better coexistence between those who love and those who do not love pets, to the signage and redesign furnishings urban spaces easy to install.

Additionally Nuugi can provide the instalation with biodegradable bag dispensers, self degrade over a period of 120 days, and waste deposits for dogs.

Are you interested in certifying your space?

Getting the Pet Friendly Certification of Nuugi is simple. Contact us by clicking the contact section and requests reports for our certification services spaces.



Share our Values!

– Love of animals
– Loyalty to the people
– Passion for work
– Commitment to society

At the heart of everything we do are our company values​​. We are loyal to them, as they represent what we expect from our employees in order to achieve our goals in our business.

Love For Pets
We are dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of animals as we firmly believe that a pet is a loyal companion and friend, not a fun distraction or fashion piece.

Passion For The Results
We love what we do and we give the 100%.


We know that our social commitment goes beyond our business sense that drives us to transform the world through actions such as sterilization and adoption. Actions that represent us as a company responsive to the needs and concerns of our customers.

Mission and Vision

To improve the world of pets, offering our exellence services and lifestyle, promoting responsible dog ownership

Our Story

Nuugi was born in 2010 as a community created for people who love pets. Since then it has grown with followers, to establish itself as one of the largest communities in social networks for dog lovers.

With over 150,000 Facebook fans and thousands of followers on Twitter, Socialbakers, firm responsible for monitoring and investigating the world of social networking, called Nuugi within 10 brands with more engagement and number of Spanish-speaking fans.
Our success led us through the walls of the internet and began to offer excellent services ranging from aesthetics to a specialized Resort Hotel.

Today, with a wide range of services such as hotel, daycare, veterinary, cosmetic, spa, food delivery, training, etc.., Animal lovers find supply of their needs in lifestyle with Nuugi. This site is under construction. If you want to know more than Nuugi, visit our old site.

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