Eight dangerous food for a cat

One issue that should know all owners of domestic cats, is how to properly feed their cat to keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Because selective status, the cat, is very difficult to consume its own initiative hazardous foods. In fact, it has been observed that many cats are somewhat reluctant to change a brand food, and even to wet food.

Although cats by tongue squamous keratinized are little perceptual taste, are highly olfactory hence, thats why they are  guided more by smell than taste.

At present it has been shown that the right food for cats is one that contains enough protein for the proper maintenance of their body structures. It must also have an adequate percentage of fatty substances essential for some metabolic processes and for the proper absorption of fat soluble vitamins.

Here we discuss eight urban myths about feeding  cats that threaten their healthy condition.

1. The viscera of raw fish: a danger for cats

Certain myths and urban legends about foods your cat loves foster errors regarding their diet that may cost expensive. This applies to the belief that the cat is a fishmonger in nature, which is not entirely true.

However, that statement is no element of truth “because the cat is a carnivore and therefore likes fish and should be part of their diet along with other foods,” says Sandra Garcinuñez, Feline Protection Association. The unknown part about the cat eating fish is that excessive ingestion of raw meat offal of this can cause paralysis or muscle stiffness (called paralysis Chastek). The reason is that they contain a component that destroys vitamin B1, “whose absence causes paralysis of the muscles of the cat.”

Another danger for the cat to eat fish are the thorns that can cause perforation of the esophagus and intestinal obstructions. Also, remember that fish oil contains a parasite called “anisakis” which can cause stomach upset in cats.

2. Salt for the cat, in small quantities

A cat should eat little salt to prevent salt clusters that remains in the kidney and cause urinary problems. Specific foods for they contain the proper ration of salt, but if the owner wants to offer something extra culinary timely manner, it is recommended ham or turkey low salt.

Cat with cardiovascular problems should avoid salt always to keep their disease under control.

3. Milk for cats: in small quantities

Milk is often associated with cat as a food that they like and feels good. However, not always the case. “Cat are lactose intolerant and eating milk may suffer diarrhea,” says Manuel Lazaro, veterinarian.

However, there are cats which this food is good for them, but it is advisable to offer it in small quantities and sporadically.

 4. The onion, a danger to the health of cats

Onions, chives and leeks contain thiosulphate, a component causing destruction of red blood cells in cats, which is also known as hemolytic anemia.

Another part of this vegetable that is toxic to the cat are the green shoots (like stems) growing on it.

5. Chocolate, a dangerous sweet for cats

Chocolate contains theobromine and cats has a metabolism which lacks the ability to remove the substance. Therefore, if accumulated in large amounts in the blood of the cat, is toxic and deadly to him.

6. Chicken Bones, a danger to the feline intestine

Chicken bones are dangerous for cats because its ingestion can cause damage to the intestine, as perforations or blockages. If providing chicken, it is best cooked it without bones.

7. Alcohol is toxic for cats

Alcoholic beverages are harmful to the health of feline. The consequences for a cat that has ingested alcohol are urinary incontinence and, in large doses, it is fatal.

8. Coffee and tea make cats nervous

Cats liver slowly removes toxins from certain foods harmful to their health.

A cat that swallowed exciting substances, such as those containing coffee or tea, it can make them alter or nervous. Cat lacks the ability of other animals, like dogs, to remove toxic substances that accumulate in their liver. A cat that drinks caffeine will take longer to eliminate this substances from their body.

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