Only for cats: Lil Bub

Lil Bub

Lil Bub

The day Mike
Bridavsky (his adoptive father)
found Bub in a small tool shed in rural
Indiana, he knew he was going to be a special cat.

Bub was born with multiple genetic abnormalities,
among them is dwarfism. although Bub
body will keep him as kitten all his life,
is a very happy and playful cat thanks to
Mike efforts, who has shown that animals
with similar problems like Bub’s also have
love and affection to offer. To this end, Mike recorded
the antics and everyday adventures of the small, which
led her to become a star of the Internet.

His first video “Good job Bub”, got into a
month over 50 thousand views. Now Bub
placed in the Hall of Fame along with other feline
network famous cats, as “The Grumpy Cat”
and the “keyboard cat”.

However, not everything has been easy for little Bub, and
who suffers from a rare condition called osteopetrosis;
Bub bones have become denser than those of
other cats. Therefore, the small should be taking a
constantly medicine, it is administered by
Mike flawlessly. Also, for some time,
the kitten goes regularly to a specialized therapy
for him. Lately has improved markedly.

Despite his illness, Bub  has several
contracts to participate in documentaries whit
Internet’s most famous animals.With these films,                                                          the little Bub gives us example that all living beings are special,                            that differences make us unique and is in friendship where
we can find our special place in the world.

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