Are you traveling with your pet?

It is very gratifying to know, that every day, more families are taking their puppies to vacations as a official member of the family.In order to avert problems, we leave you the most important points to cover to ease the process:

– Do you travel by land, air or boat?

Airlines have different requirements so it is important to approach them so you get a list of requisites for our furry  is asked to travel, same with the cruise company or whatever medium you chose.

– Do you travel within the country or international travel?

Each country has different requirements so it is very important that you get informed before you travel so that your pet won’t have problem to enter the country, this is very important because in some places, if you do not know the requirements, quarantine the dog or cat and could be isolated, which can be hard for them and for you.

– How old is your furry?

Puppies under 4 months are barred from traveling, so keep this in mind when planning your trip.

– Do you have it’s vaccinations, deworming and identification chip updated in case of requirement?

In most destinations  immunization schedule and deworming are requested, even external dewormer against fleas and ticks, so it is important to check with your vet that your furry has all of them in order

-Health Certificate

It is necessary that the veterinarian for your pet issue a health certificate, which determines that your little one is completely healthy and fit to travel further, and getting their contact details for any problem and grant you a copy of your professional license.

-Food and drink for the journey

If your furry is very nervous, talk to your vet the alternatives for your little one goes quiet so as fasting and feeding it requires.

-Hotel or house where they will arrive.

Today there are many hotels Pet Friendly so it is important to find out if the place you are going to get is suitable for them and receive it with respect and with facilities for them.

-Make sure you bring your food or it will be easy to get in the place they go. Remember that a drastic change in food can cause mechanical discomfort and diarrhea.

Her bed, dishes and toys are important, remember that would be it’s “baggage”.


We hope you have happy vacations and enjoy your trip!



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