Top 5: Iconic dogs of pop culture

Nuugi Pet Lifestyle has prepared a top 5 with those we consider the most memorable dogs of
pop culture. Considering media such as film, television and comics, these are the four legged friends                                                                that have been etched in our minds.

Perros famosos

Snowy, Tintin’s best friend:

This little Fox Terrier accompanies its owner in all
his adventures solving mysteries. Since 1929 he has
become one of the most beloved animals in the
literature and entertainment.

Pluto, Mickey Mouse’s best friend:

Although also has been other Disney mascot characters                                                       , it is probably the oldest animated dog of
the world. It is rumored that his name is a reference to the
discovery of the planet Pluto. Memorable and cherished

Sparky, best friend of Victor Frankenstein:

Another Disney house. It was just last year when
Sparky stole our heart on the big screen. adorable
creature that is friendly even after his death.
Out of the mind of Tim Burton, Sparky appeared
first time in a short film made by the director in 1984.

Scooby Doo, best friend of Shaggy Rogers:

What better way to show us a Great Dane
friendly than a caricature of “terror”. Scooby
Doo is one of the icons of  childhood’s people for two
generations. In addition to helping his team to solve
paranormal cases, some taught us to be gluttons.

Snoopy, best friend of Charlie Brown:

Despite belonging to a cartoon for mature audiences
Snoopy is definitely the best character of dogs pop
culture. This is a so adorable Beagle that even if you are feeling
strong, want to have a stuffed animal to hug him every night.

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